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Julio Zadik


Art photographer. He did not receive a formal training in his specialty. In 1935, he took courses in photography in New York.

He was an artist honored with numerous awards. In Guatemala: gold medal and diploma in the Lionel Stein Competition (1961), first prize in the Photography Competition for Professionals, III Festival of Arts and Culture, Antigua (1957), two first and two third prizes in Fourth National Photography Competition ( 1955). In New York: one award (1951) and two honorable acknowledgments (1950) in the Popular Photography Picture Contest; acknowledgments in The Camera Monthly Photographic Contest (1945, 1947, 1948) first prize at the World Fair (1940), among other distinctions.


Zadik was one of the most interesting artists of the twentieth century in Guatemala. His work achieved dissemination during his life time, though, mostly, at a national level. Apart from making a significant number of samples, he participated in the New York World Fair (1940) and the National Fair, Guatemala (1937 and 1939). He published texts on photography, such as "Tone-Separation Prints", The Camera (U.S., 1947), "How to make combination prints", The Camera (U.S., 1948), "Photography and painting. Of the colors. To Mr. Carma Carlos Martinez, ", The Impartial (Guatemala, 1974).

His work is little known even today. The recent emergence of his dossier-which includes more than forty thousand negatives of different formats, vintage prints and slides – open up the opportunity for a deeper study of his legacy. There is already a revealing monograph on the artist: Julio Zadik. A modern photographer in Guatemala. 1937-1965, Zadik Publishers, Guatemala 2008.

Certain prestigious collections own several of his pieces, such as CIRMA Collection, 1850-2006, Guatemala, and the Colonial Museum at the University of San Carlos de Borromeo, in Antigua Guatemala.


Since 1946, Zadik began to publicize his work through individual and collective exhibitions.

Among his solo exhibitions: Sixty photographs of the notable Guatemalan artist Julio Zadik, Photography Club Guatemala, Guatemala (1963); Fourteen photographs by Julio Zadik, Colonial Museum, University of San Carlos de Borromeo, Antigua (1952); Photographic Exhibition by Julio Zadik, Cervantes National Theater, Buenos Aires (1949); Exhibition Guillermo Grajeda Mena-Julio Zadik, Exhibition Hall of the Office of Tourism, Guatemala (1948); Julio Zadik, Exhibition Hall of the Ministry of Public Education, Santiago del Chile (1948).

His pieces have been included in the following collective exhibitions Tocadores of Antigua Guatemala, Hall of Artists of the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Guatemala (2007); Lionel Stein Contest, Photography Club of Guatemala (1961); V International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography in Denmark, Denmark (1952), the 2nd World Exhibition of Photographic Art, Fluminense Photography Society, Rio de Janeiro (1951); I International Photography Salon of Leon, Spain (1950),First International Exhibition of Latin American Photography, Pan American Union, Washington // Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff (1949) II International Salon of Photography of San Sebastian, Municipal Hall of Arts, Spain (1949); I International Salon of Photography of Oviedo, Interim Exhibition Hall of the Savings Bank of Asturias, (1949) First International Cuban Salon of Artistic Photography, Cuba Photography Club (1948) Exhibition of Guatemalan Contemporary Artists, University Interamericana, Panama (1946).

Julio Zadik
(Guatemala, 1916-2002)


Estas fotografías han sido reproducidas en el libro "Julio Zadik: un fotógrafo moderno en Guatemala 1937-1965".

  • Tul Cactus, 1964
  • Chepe Nude, 1938
  • Sin título, 1949
  • Sin título, ca. 1941
  • N.1 Pangueros, 1939
  • Indios Sololá, ca. 1942 Impresión póstuma de negativo original
  • Woodmen Chichi, 1948 Impresión póstuma de negativo original
  • CA Medio rostro - perraje, 1952
  • Borrachos Chichi, ca. 1952
  • Calle empedrada CB, 1952
  • Calle de Esquipulas, ca. 1940 Impresión póstuma de negativo original
  • Europa, 1962
  • Europa, 1962
  • Madrid, 1963
  • Chocomil, 1948
  • El Filón, Amatitlán, ca. 1945
  • Trees Cloud, ca. 1945
  • Lake Atitlán, ca. 1948
  • Izote Plant, ca. 1950
  • Cayuco Atitlan CB, 1950
  • Monterrico Olimpus, 1964
  • Gotas Remo II Serie, ca. 1960
  • Japón, 2009 Impresión póstuma de negativo original
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